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Hungarian Allative case: -hoz -hez -höz

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Latin Name English role Endings Demonstrative Pronouns Personal Pronouns
Allative towards, to
  • -hoz
  • -hez
  • -höz
Vowel harmony
  • ehhez
  • ahhoz
  • ezekhez
  • azokhoz
  • hozzám
  • hozzád
  • hozzá / Önhöz
  • hozzánk
  • hozzátok
  • hozzájuk / Önökhöz

Movement towards: solids

This is the Movement towards the suffixed word movement towards member of the triad, applicable to solids.

Compare to:

Movement towards the suffixed word Ágihoz megyek. I am going to(wards) Agi.
Static position Áginál vagyok. I am at/by (the house of, or stood by) Ági.
Movement AWAY FROM the suffixed word Ágitól jöttem. I came from (the house of, or being next to) Ági.

Application of this case implies that an object is solid and that you are not (going towards/coming from) inside it.

To, towards

This is often translated as "to" but this is can be unhelpful.  In terms of movement, it's better to think of it as "towards".
Hungarians don't say that they gave a present to their mother (using -hoz), they say that the gave a present for their moth (using -nak).  

Compared to London, Totternhoe is small.  See also compared to

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