A reference guide to Hungarian grammar, designed with English-speakers in mind

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The Hungarian language, a grammatical guide

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HungarianReference.com is the internet's most complete guide to the Hungarian language.

The objective of this site is to serve as a reference to the beautiful Hungarian language. If is not intended to be a ground-up course, it is not intended to teach you Hungarian. It is meant to be a companion to your own study.

This is a reference guide. Think of it as a text book, rather than a novel, in that you will find all the facts but reading it from cover-to-cover might be a little dry.

I had some quite interesting reasons for writing this page. My intended audience is the intelligent native English speaker. A little about the author, Daniel Clarke.

What's new?

Quick-starts to basic Hungarian

Some good pages for you start from:

About Hungarian

Hungarian is an almost unique language, completely isolated from all the major players in linguistics - the Romance group, the Germanic group, in fact it's not even an Indo-European language. Larning this you will be presented with a lot of challenges, not least all of the endings (students of Latin or Russian will know one or two cases such as dative, instrumental, etc - Hungarian has about 20 cases), but you will learn one of the most beautiful languages there is.

It is the most logical language I have ever seen, and it is my perfect language.

It is 99% phonetic (and the remaining 1% follows strict but complex rules for the exceptions), it is almost entirely causal (one can see the origins of a word's structure), and as you learn you will the see the pieces of the puzzle slot together in a way that is so smooth that it might make you think it was an artificial language.

Words and phrases that you will learn as set pieces will all come together as your study progresses, so do not worry if it seems a little daunting at first.

What our visitors are saying

I really appreciate the pedagogy [teachings]. So many language tools seem think that hiding how the language works will make it easier to learn.

- Anonymous from UK

This is an awesome site. It is well organized

- Anonymous from USA

Thank you very much for this site. I was looking for long but never found something this clear and systematic. I don't think I could manage [to learn quickly] without the help of your site.

- Jana from Sweden

Simple, straightforward explanations and examples using EASY words! Thank you.

- Anonymous

Very beautiful. We never have enough practice at studying this beautiful language. Thank you for everything you've made so far.

- Marko from Belgrade. (translated and paraphrased by Daniel)

This site has to be the best I've found so far. I have been studying Magyar for two years.

- Anonymous

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