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Possession in Hungarian (singular)

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See the introduction to Hungarian possession for a broad description.

How to apply the possessive

Plural or single?

First, decide how many objects are owned.

If one item is possessed, remain here.

If several items are possessed you need to check that the number of objects is qualified but not quantified.
That is if we have "some" but you don't know the exact number. If you know the exact number, remain here. If there is no qualification to the plural, go to the page about multiple objects.

Application of endings

Then, select the owner of the object.

The owner is either I, you, he/she/it, we, you (pl), or they.

Finally, apply the relevant endings. Note that for word ending in a vowel you need a linking -j- before the third person single possessive ending.

Owner Charactistic ending Endings Examples
én -m -m/om/em/öm almám dobozom kezem házam söröm
te -d -d/od/ed/öd almád dobozod kezed házad söröd
ő -a -a/e almája doboza keze háza söre
mi -nk -nk/unk/ünk almánk dobozunk kezünk házunk sörünk
ti -tok -atok/otok/etek/ötök almátok dobozotok kezitek házatok sörötök
ő(k)* -juk -juk/jük almájuk dobozuk kezük házuk sörük

alma = apple
doboz = box
kéz = hand, becomes kez- when endings applied
ház = house

Note how alma + aim -->  almaaim --> almáim
See the note on lengthening trailing vowels

* Plural pronoun for 'they'

Note that it's forbidden to use the pronoun ők when taking of third person plural. Merely ő will suffice. For example ő sörük = ő(k) sörük = their beer.

I leave the (k) in the table to avoid confusion over whether the row represents third person singular owner, or third person plural owner.

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