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Usually and used-to

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Here we will say how to express that we usually do something or that we used to to something. It's quite a different construction from what we're used to, because it contains two verbs and no adverb.

We take the verb szokott and the [infinitive] of the verb we usually do, and conjugate the first. Note that the conjugation is in the past tense.

In the phrase, "he usually goes to the cinema," we take "go" and put it into the infinitive: menni; and combine it with szokott (conjugated for third person "he"):

  • szokott menni a moziba he usually goes to the cinima

Note that these mean both "usually" and "used to", depending on context:

  • szokott menni a moziba he usually goes to the cinima
  • régen szokott menni a moziba he used to go to the cinima

For other persons, we conjugate szokott just like any other past-tense verb.

For example:

  • szoktál enni ott you used to eat there
  • szoktunk inni bort we usually drink wine
  • szoktunk menni ebbe a moziba we usually to to this cinema

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Indefinite   Definite
Person Conjugation
én szoktam
te szoktál
ő szokott
mi szoktunk
ti szokatok
ők szoktak
Person Conjugation
én szoktam
te szoktad
ő szokta
mi szoktuk
ti szoktátok
ők szokták

To repeatedly do something

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